Wakanda, a startup launched in late 2014 by Laurent Ribardière, provides you with a complete open source JavaScript development platform. It is the fruit of five years of research and development in 4D’s labs.

"Laurent Ribardière created the first database for the Mac with 4D, and the tech press of the time considered it the sign that the startup phenomenon had arrived in France (1984).”
Report from March 6, 2014 in Developers, an Asset for France, by Tariq Krim, Vice President of the National Digital Council

The Wakanda “digital app factory” is a full­stack JavaScript platform to build mobile & Web apps. Thanks to its visual tools, front­end framework support (AngularJS, Ionic, Cordova), built­in database and connectors to any remote data source, multi­channel app development becomes easy.

Benefits of the Wakanda platform:

  • Unified developer experience for mobile & web apps
  • Visual tools to design and prototype apps
  • Support for AngularJS, Ionic and Cordova to develop responsive HTML5 and cross-platform mobile apps
  • Connectors to integrate any remote data source: any database and any app
  • Bring your own data model: all your remote data sources are represented as a local data model via a virtual JSON graph. Interact and extend them with JavaScript
  • All server-side data exposed automatically in supported frameworks or the REST API
  • Bring your own tools: You can use Wakanda studio or any third party IDE
  • Cloudready platform, but also available for downloading. OS X, Windows and Linux operating systems are supported

Please visit our Web site at http://wakanda.io for more information.