About Streamroot

Streamroot offers a powerful solution for optimizing online video delivery. Combining traditional client-server infrastructures and peer-to-peer protocols, we help bring high-quality, smooth video to all on every device, and improve the architecture of the Internet by decentralizing web traffic.

Streamroot technologies

Streamroot’s goal is to redesign the way we deliver video online by building more robust, cost-effective architectures. We work with a wide variety of high-potential technologies throughout our stack:

  • NodeJS, Go, Redis and InfluxDB on the server side, as well as HAproxy, Nginx and Ansible for deployment and scalability
  • Object Oriented ES6 for our peer-to-peer streaming module built on top of WebRTC Datachannels, and our HTML5 media engine built with the MediaSource Extensions API
  • Android and iOS SDKs with challenging optimizations, as well as set-top box and Smart TV SDKs in development

Curious? We’re hiring!

  • Frontend and backend developers
  • Media engine specialists
  • Android and embedded systems developers
  • Pre-sales engineers
  • Data visualization experts

Come visit our booth for a demo and to talk with the team and visit to see our open positions!