- Continuous Everything Cloud Hosting is a high-availability cloud hosting platform that is fast and simple to use.

Developer friendly

  • Git powered and build oriented - git push and it is live
  • Test every new feature on a dedicated, automatically generated staging server with its unique Cloning Technology you can automatically create a byte level replica of the entire production cluster as a new staging cluster in under a minute (including database, static files, search engine indexes). And its just `git checkout -b ..`
  • Seamless integration with BitBucket and Github - you don't even have to use our UI - everything can happen in Bitbucket or Github
  • Incredibly deep support for any PHP (Drupal, Symfony, Magento, Wordpress, custom...), NodeJS, Single page application or statically generated sites (Jekyll, Hugo etc..) support for Ruby, Python and Java (with Maven and Ant) at build time

Robust Production

  • Batteries included: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Redis, Solr, RabbitMQ, Kafka... no add-ons required, everything included in the price
  • SSL support everywhere
  • High availability multi-datacenter clusters and no-risk deployments
  • Global Team, headquartered in Paris! with great follow the sun support (24/7/365), quick problem resolution and continuous security fixes deployment
  • Deploy to AWS, to a European Cloud, or On-Premises!

Competitive pricing

  • Get 4 staging environments (including, for each one, as many backend services such as MySQL or ElasticSearch as you'd like) for 10$ a month!
  • High-availability, tripe-datacenter-redundancy hosting with 99.99% for the price of traditional manages hosting
  • A full month free trial for all

Buzzword compliant

  • We do rocket surgery. We run containers on an immutable code-driven, side-effect free infrastructure... so you don't have to. And we have been for 3 years

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