About Dailymotion

We believe that video is the best way to capture and share life’s incredible variety. That’s why at Dailymotion we aim to offer the best video-experience. A place where you can discover content you love from around the world and a place where video-makers are free to share their world and connect with a passionate audience anywhere, anytime. We want to offer our users the right resources, the cutting-edge technology and the visibility they need to inspire, inform and entertain.

As one of the world’s biggest video-sharing platforms delivering a high quality video experience to over 300 Million people around the world every month, we have to work at scale. To give you an idea we handle 1, 5 million PHP requests per minute, 70 000 simultaneous video views per minute and maintain 1 600 servers.

At Dailymotion, the engineering department consists of 17 teams, known as squads that are focused on different features - from UX to streaming delivery. Parts of our tech stack have clearly identified owners or “experts”, such as Hadoop by Data Warehouse (DWH), Elastic by Relevant Content and Node.js and Reactjs on our Universal app. For the squads that do not have that level of specialization; they work on a purpose, they revolve around a concept. We all embrace Scrum and Kanban agile methods, with synchronised sprints to handle our projects.

Feel free to come and talk to us during the breaks. Or check out our Engineering Blog, our Github or our Developer Site.

We’re always on the lookout for new talent. Current openings are posted on our Jobs Site or simply drop us a line at contact-jobs@dailymotion.com.