About Clusterpoint

Clusterpoint is a database vendor providing Database-As-A-Service (DBAAS) for developers and enterprises worldwide that want instant scalability and massive distributed computing power for their growing database needs but without the hefty price tag. Founded in 2006, Clusterpoint has served business customers as an enterprise-oriented NoSQL database, and today the Clusterpoint database is used across different industries to drive 24/7 mission-critical web and mobile application solutions. In news from last month, we launched Clusterpoint 4.0 which has a built-in computing engine that allows execution of JavaScript code directly inside the database, making our database more developer friendly. Find our documentation and tutorial here.

Clusterpoint 4 is a disruptor because it unifies computing and storage. We built a distributed cloud computer — we call this a “computational database” — that can distribute data among computation nodes and execute code on those nodes next to the data. Our computational model makes it easy for the user as it emulates access to raw data where the code is accessing the indices.

So how did we do it?

  1. We built the Clusterpoint 4 Computing Engine on top of our Clusterpoint 3 distributed database. A prerequisite for our computing engine is a distributed document-oriented database that allows persisting data while building efficient numeric, full-text search and geospatial indices that maintain ACID properties for updating multiple documents.
  2. Our computing engine is not an abstraction layer on top of a database. Our computing engine allows executing arbitrary JavaScript code directly in the database, next to the data. And we do not deserialize and access raw data objects — instead the code seamlessly accesses indices that are optimized for fast retrieval from SSD devices and RAM.
  3. Clusterpoint 3 was originally designed for cloud computing and massive parallelism, so we can distribute data processing and general computational requests across numerous nodes in the cluster.

If you would like to learn more about how Clusterpoint is evolving infrastructure, please visit and sign up for a free trial. Or better yet, stop by our booth at the show!